Why Quit?

Ten good reasons to quit smoking:

  • Live longer!  Smoking cuts five-and-a-half years from the life of a 30-year-old man and almost seven from a woman of the same age.  The chances of dying at the age of 60 are more than doubled for smokers compared with non-smokers.
  • Feel healthier.  Even if you have smoked for years, it’s never to late to feel the benefits of quitting.  Not only will you reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer, but your circulation and lung function will also improve.  Even if you already have chronic bronchitis or emphysema, quitting helps to stop further damage.
  • Save £2,555 per year (for a 20-a-day smoker)
  • No more feeling like a pariah or leper  when you’re out with non-smokers
  • Your breath, clothes, house and car will smell better.
  • You can look forward to your holiday abroad instead of dreading the long plane journey (plus the check-in and baggage retrieval time)
  • No more standing on the doorstep in the freezing cold/rain/snow to sneak your last cigarette of the day
  • Going in to hospital?  Smoking is banned in hospitals, and you may be ineligible for some operations whilst you still smoke.  Hospitals will however give you support, including prescribing patches and gum, to help you quit while you are there.
  • Sleep better.  Nicotine withdrawal every night can contribute to sleep disturbance; you are four times as likely to feel unrested if you are a smoker.
  • Feel better about yourself.  You will be in control of your body – not the nicotine.  It’s a great feeling!

Click here for more information from Verywell on the benefits of stopping smoking.


Reasons not to stop:

  • Isn’t the damage already done? Not at all.  You start to feel the benefits within 20 minutes of the last cigarette, as your lungs and blood clear.  Your chances of a heart attack from a blood clot caused by the chemicals of each cigarette you smoke (even if you have no previous symptoms)  also reduce as soon as you smoke your last cigarette.  See here for more details.
  • It’s hard, and you’ve failed before? Don’t let that hold you back.  Many people try several times before finally succeeding.   There are lots of ways to stop smoking, and tips and products that will help.   See here for the help we can offer you.
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