Travel & Vaccinations

Statistics show that one in two British travellers will at some time experience an illness or injury requiring medical attention whilst on holiday.  Minimise the health risks involved in your trip by being prepared.  We recommend that you contact us six to eight weeks before any overseas trip so we can:

  • check the diseases in your travel destination and ensuring you have the necessary up to date vaccinations.  This can apply even to areas relatively close to us such as Eastern Europe and Turkey.
  • advise you on avoiding infectious diseases from contaminated food or water
  • advise you on precautions, medications and first aid items to take with you

Even if you are not travelling to an “exotic” destination it is sensible to check your status on the regular vaccinations such as tetanus.  A full course of tetanus injections consists of five doses of the vaccine – fewer than this and you could be at risk.

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