SystmOnline is the internet service provided by our clinical records system.   You can use it to order your repeat prescriptions and book routine appointments with your doctor or nurse.   It’s quick to register and easy to use, and is available 24/7 so it’s very useful if you find it difficult to ring us during the day.

If you are already registered, click here to go straight to the login page.

New Users:
If you are new to online ordering, you will need to contact us first to get a user name and password.   Give us a call or email to register for SystmOnline.  

Note that the appointments offered via the internet are limited to a selection of routine GP and nurse appointments.  Some nurse appointments require more than a standard 10-minute slot and are best booked through our receptionists so if in doubt, or if you can’t find an appointment to suit, please give us a call.

Your medical record

You can also apply on the SystmOnline website to view your your full GP medical record, including consultation notes and test results, (from 2015 onwards) and also the Summary Care Record – the basic details that are available to a doctor or nurse if you are taken ill and need to be seen elsewhere, for example in an Accident and Emergency department or a Minor Injuries Unit.    Log in to SystmOnline and selecting the relevant option on the home page; this will send a request to us which we then authorise, so that next time you log on you will be able to view your full or summary care record.


You can request to use Systmonline for another patient such as a family member or someone you care for.  This can be useful if, for example, you want to be able to book an online appointment for your child, or order medications for your partner.  Because SystmOnline now gives you access to the full medical record, it is important that we ensure the other person has given you permission to access their medical record, so there is – inevitably! – a form for the other patient to complete before we can enable you to access their SystmOnline account.  Please ask at reception or print the SystmOnline Access form and return it to us.


In the case of children under the age of 11, someone with parental responsibility can access their record without their written permission – just ask us to set this up for you.  However after the age of 11 the access is automatically stopped (for reasons of confidentiality, so if you want to continue using Systmonline on behalf of an older child they will have to give their written permission for you to access their record through Systmonline, using the SystmOnline Access form.

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