SystmOnline is the internet service provided by our clinical records system.  You can use it to order your repeat prescriptions and view your full GP medical record, including hospital letters and pathology reports.

Because of the access it gives you, we have to verify your ID before we can set you up.  You can request it by phone if we know your voice well enough, or otherwise we will ask you to pop into the Surgery with some ID.

Once you’ve got your logon details it’s quick to register and very easy to use, and is available 24/7 so it’s useful if you find it difficult to ring us during the day.

If you are already registered, click here to go straight to the login page.



SystmOnline will show the list of medications which you can order each month (your “repeats”), and it is easy to tick the ones you want.  On the confirmation page you can add a message if you want your meds delivered to one of our remote collection points in Abbotsbury, Burton Bradstock, Litton Cheney, Martinstown or Puncknowle.  It will not show “acute” medication which the doctor has just issued once for you, for example if you are trying a new cream to see if it works – in that instance you would need to let your GP know if you want to carry on ordering it so they can put it on the repeats list.



If you have already registered but don’t yet access to your medical record, you can request this from your SystmOnline home page.  We will give you access from that date forward.

If you want to have access to your past medical record we have to check it thoroughly to make sure there is no reference to third party information so this takes a little longer.


You can request to use SystmOnline for another patient such as a family member or someone you care for.  This can be useful if, for example, you want to be able to order medications for your child, or for your partner.  As SystmOnline now gives you access to the full medical record, it is important that we ensure the other person has given you permission to access their medical record, so there is – inevitably! – a form for the other patient to complete before we can enable you to access their SystmOnline account.  Please ask at reception or print the SystmOnline Access form and return it to us.


In the case of children under the age of 11, someone with parental responsibility can access their record without their written permission – just ask us to set this up for you.  However after the age of 11 the access is automatically stopped (for reasons of confidentiality), so if you want to continue using SystmOnline on behalf of an older child they will have to give their written permission for you to access their record through SystmOnline, using the SystmOnline Access form.

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