New Red Clinic to open in Dorchester

Portesham Surgery is part of the Mid-Dorset Primary Care Network, comprised of 9 surgeries in and around Dorchester.

Together these surgeries have set up a new “Red Clinic” in Poundbury so that we can refer any of our patients who we believe have COVID-19 and need to be seen face-to-face for further assessment. It will have appointments daily from 12 noon and will be manned by two GPs from the network, including our own GPs, on a volunteer basis.

If our GPs decide you need further assessment, they will soon be booking you an appointment at the Red Clinic rather than bringing you into Portesham Surgery. All GP surgeries will do the same, to limit the risks to other patients and staff at each GP surgery.

Please have a look at this video which has been prepared by Dr Hay-Ming Blunt, so you know where to go and what to expect.

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