How To Register With Us

If you live within our catchment area, you can register by completing these forms:

– the NHS registration form – this prompts your previous surgery to forward your medical record to us.  You should complete one copy of this form for each adult and child to be registered as our patient.

– Our New Patient Registration Form which asks for additional medical information to help us until your notes arrive and give us details about your contact numbers, next of kin, family health etc.  This form is for adults only (over 18s).

– Our Consent Form can be completed for patients who wish to share their medical records and information with family members or carers.  The form can also be used to give consent for access to the patients electronic record via SystmOnline.

If you can scan the completed forms, you could email them to, or post or fax them to the Surgery.  We normally encourage patients to bring the completed forms in to the Surgery along with photo ID and proof of address so you start to get to know us, but during the COVID-19 restrictions we would encourage you to email the completed forms to us and scan a copy of photo ID and proof of address (see below) to save unnecessary footfall in the surgery.  Do get in touch with us if you need help with this.

To complete your registration

You will need to come in to the Surgery with photo ID (such as a passport or driving licence) and proof of your address (for example a fixed utilities bill (ie not a mobile bill), bank or solicitors letter is ideal).   If you have already completed and sent us the registration forms, you can bring your ID & proof of address with you to your first appointment.

Visitors to our area:

You are welcome to sign on as a temporary resident if you are staying in our catchment area (see link above) and need to see a doctor or nurse while you are away from home.  We can also prescribe if you run out of your usual medication, but we would need to contact your own doctor for confirmation of your prescriptions Please download and complete the Temporary Patient registration form and email it back to us with a copy of your photo ID or other ID such as a library card, if possible.  Note that you only need to complete the first half of the first page, as far as the section starting “to be completed by the doctor”.  We complete the rest of the form after treating you and send the details of your treatment to your registered GP.


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