Friends and Family Test

The new NHS Friends and Family Test has arrived in our surgery, in the form of a tablet computer on the front desk.  The “test” is a survey, first introduced into hospitals over a year ago and now extended to all GP surgeries.  It is based on one very simple question:

“How likely are you to recommend us to your friends and family?”

with six possible answers ranging from “extremely likely to “extremely unlikely”.   This is followed by space to explain your answer, where you can add any specific comments or suggestions, plus the standard questions on sex, age group, ethnic origin and disability, so that we can show that we are surveying a wide range of our patients.

The survey results will be analysed monthly and your comments discussed and responded to publicly, both on our website and in the surgery (but you can request that your comments are not publicized, if you wish).

This is a great way for patients to give us immediate feedback, anonymously, as you pop in for your tablets or head home after a consultation.  To answer the basic question it’s just two taps on the screen which takes seconds; it’s a bit longer if you want to type comments, but that’s where we learn most so we do appreciate and discuss every comment.

If you are allergic to computers there is a paper version on the front desk, or a card giving a web address where you can do the survey from your own computer.

Please take a look when you are next in the surgery, and tap away whenever you have a moment – you can do the survey as many times as you like as your opinions may change over time.

Survey Results

We are very happy to report that the first six month’s responses to the Friends and Family Test were overwhelmingly positive (either “extremely likely” to recommend us or “likely” to recommend us to their friends and family, apart from one “neither likely nor unlikely” response.    It is good to know that you have such confidence in us and thank you for all the positive comments.    Follow this link to the latest month’s FFT Feedback Summary, or this link to a full list of all the commentsAll Patient comments to date received to date from our patients.

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