Clinics & Services

Doctors and Nurses

We have regular morning clinics with our doctors, practice nurse and Health Care Assistant; afternoon clinics with the doctors and practice nurse (except Wednesdays), and two evening surgeries per week with the doctor.  See Surgery Times for details.

You can book appointments up to about six weeks ahead, or if you become suddenly unwell ring us to request an urgent appointment and we will do our best to fit you in.   Our urgent appointments are in the morning because if we need to refer you, take blood samples or request further tests, this is all best done early in the day.  So if you need an urgent appointment please ring early in the morning.

Other Clinics

We offer the following additional services:

  • Antenatal Care
  • Chiropody & toenail cutting
  • Counselling
  • Diabetic Advice
  • Dietetics (specialist dietary advice)
  • Health Checks for over 40s
  • Health Visitor clinics for mothers and young children
  • Midwife clinics
  • Minor Surgery (“lumps and bumps”)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Smokestop counselling
  • Cryotherapy Treatment (“Wart Clinic”) for minor skin lesions

Please speak to your GP for referral to these services.

Health Checks

When you join our Practice we encourage you to have a “New Patient Health Check” with the Practice Nurse, where details of your past medical history can be checked and recorded and routine health checks carried out. This is also an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with our surgery and staff and for us to answer any questions you might have.  we will book this with you when you register with us as a new patient – no GP referral is necessary.

If you are aged over 40 we will offer you an NHS Health Check.  Even if you are fit and well, a full health check can help you stay that way by picking up any warning signs early enough for you to make changes to your lifestyle and stay in control.  Click here for more details.

Travel Advice

Our nurses give travel vaccinations during routine appointments.    Contact us well in advance (at least eight weeks before your trip) to give details of your destination and travel dates and book your 20 minute appointment with our Practice Nurse.  Have a look at our Travel section here.

Accidents and Injuries

Our doctors and nurses can assess minor injuries and give advice. We can treat many minor wounds which require dressings. Ring us for advice if you are not sure whether we can help.


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